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With the arrival of The Division 2 soon we are exploring the idea of adding this as a CORE game.  If you are interested in joining AGA's The Division 2 wing please comment below or post on Discord. 

[AGA] =AGA=Python Admin looks pretty good,this will be on my list of games. thanks for posting

Sandstorm Saturdays!!!

Skratch posted Feb 12, 19

Join us on our Discord every Saturday @ 4pm EST for Sandstorm Saturdays!!

Insurgency Sandstorm!

Skratch posted Jan 3, 19

Several members have purchased Insurgency Sandstorm and it appears to be a huge success right away.  We are renting a server now as well.  More details to come on that.  This game has been added as a CORE game and could be the next big game for AGA.  It supports large teams, custom servers, and being able to team up and play co-op against very skilled bots. 

[AGA] Huybomb Manager Best game released in the last 3-4 years. As Damo stated, it's brilliant and offers a variety of different modes t...
[AGA] Daddyofdeath AdminManager Absolutely brilliant game.

New Leadership @ AGA!

Skratch posted Jan 2, 19

AGA has elected it's newest leaders for 2019.  Area51 has stepped down as President after 2 full terms as president.  Damo3445 was voted in as President and Twitchy34 elected as VP by the people of AGA.  In addition there is 4 new Officers/Admins that were added.... Volkster, AngelsWings, Gringo, and ClamHammer!  Congrats to those guys!  Every year new leaders will be voted in to lead the way with the guidance of the Admins and Founders.  

[AGA] Area51 Admin Congrats to you both!
[AGA] Daddyofdeath AdminManager THank you first and foremost to Morris for his direction, he has led us into a great new phase of AGA, I hope we can tak...
[AGA] =AGA=Python Admin congrats to all and thanks for participating in the voting process

Fortnite wing is now open!

[AGA] Area51 Admin posted Mar 31, 18

Team AGA has now opened a Fortnite wing for all to join. The leader of the wing is N30 known as (Neo) and we would like to congratulate him on opening the wing. Please reach out on discord to him to join in on the fun or join the Fortnite channel and game on! Congrats again Neo.

Mortal Kombat has been gruesomely dismembering fighters since 1992 – four years before IGN was around. With the impending launch of Mortal Kombat 11 (which, shockingly, is not actually the 11th Mortal Kombat game) we're looking back over...
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If you buy something through this post, IGN may get a share of the sale. For more, read our Terms of Use. UPDATE 4/18: Sega released the names of 10 more games, bringing the confirmed Sega Genesis Mini games list to 20 titles. Sega is jo...
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Games have always existed in a numbers-obsessed industry. Sega vs. Nintendo defined a generation in the '90s, while today's more mild console wars and monthly NPD reports keep sales figures at the forefront of games-related discussion. W...
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Update 4/18: Following yesterday’s update that the final scene for The Last of Us Part II has been shot using performance capture, the last scene with Joel and Ellie is now finished as well, and “the most ambitious cinematic shoot” ever ...
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