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Sandstorm Saturdays!!!

By Skratch - Posted Feb 12, 19

Join us on our Discord every Saturday @ 4pm EST for Sandstorm Saturdays!!

The last time I rode into Valentine in Red Dead Online I was shot, tied up, stabbed, and shot again. Some days that’s life in Rockstar’s Wild West wonderland, where the atmosphere’s magnificent but the murder indiscriminate. I tend to sp...
Published Apr 22, 2019
Mortal Kombat has been gruesomely dismembering fighters since 1992 – four years before IGN was around. With the impending launch of Mortal Kombat 11 (which, shockingly, is not actually the 11th Mortal Kombat game) we're looking back over...
Published Apr 20, 2019
On the one-year anniversary of 2018's Game of the Year – God of War – Sony announced an upcoming documentary that follows the creation of the game. The documentary titled, Raising Kratos, was announced in a trailer featuring game directo...
Published Apr 20, 2019
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's latest DLC character, Joker from Persona 5, is freezing player's Nintendo Switches when they use his Final Smash to end a Classic Mode match. This issue was confirmed by IGN's own Zachary Ryan, as his Switch ...
Published Apr 20, 2019
Hey! Here's the very first episode of the all-new, fully-rebooted, flavor-blasted, industrial strength Up At Noon! In case you missed the announcement here along with our totally insane teaser trailer, we've taken some time to retool the...
Published Apr 20, 2019